What would you do in order to…..?

New Year Resolutions

Here are some common New Year’s resolutions (personal plans for the coming year).

• Exercise: do more / join a gym / take up a sport
• Health: lose some weight / go on a diet / eat less chocolate / stop smoking/ give up junk food
• Hobbies: start a new hobby/ join a club/ learn a new skill (how to cook, paint, play an instrument)
• Friends: make new friends / write to friends more / be kinder to friends/ spend more or less time
with friends
• Studies: study more / do more homework / listen more in class/ get books from the library / read
• Money: get a Saturday or holiday job / save more money / spend less / be careful with pocket
• Stress: worry less / work less / relax more at the weekends / go to bed earlier

– Do people make resolutions at New Year in your country?

There are different ways of talking about plans for the future. The language we use to describe plans varies depending on what kind of intention we have. For example, if we have the intention of quitting smoking then we can say, “I will quit smoking in the new year.” This means that we have a strong intention to do something. However, if we are told that we should quit smoking by our friends (and we don’t want to), we could say, “If I wanted to quit smoking, I would quit in the new year.”

However, we are talking about the future here and we do not know what will happen in the future except in a few limited cases (e.g. “The sun will rise tomorrow,”). Example six, below, “So as to lose weight I could start eating less and exercising more,” is saying that one plan to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more; there could be other possible plans, but we are choosing not to mention them here so we choose the word “could”.

  1. In order to lose weight I would eat less and exercise more.
  2. If I wanted to lose weight I would eat less and exercise more.
  3. To lose weight I would eat less and exercise more.
  4. I would eat less and exercise more if I wanted to lose weight.
  5. Eating less and exercising more would help me to lose weight.
  6. So as to lose weight I could start eating less and exercising more.
  7. Because I want to lose weight I am going to eat less and exercise more.

What resolutions might you make in the new year?

What resolutions would you like people in your life to make and why?

Other plans

Of course, not all plans have to do with the new year.

How would you deal with the situations below?