Vocabulary for travel

I go by, I go on means of transport

I go by plane or I fly
car I drive
ship I sail
bicycle/bike I ride
I go on horse I ride
foot I walk

Useful travel expressions

General travel vocabulary

Public transportation (British public transport) is a system of vehicles such as buses and trains which operate at regular times on fixed routes and are used by the public.

Means of transport

The road / the highway / the port / the airport

Arrival / departure time

Where’s the information desk, please?

To commute is to make the same journey regularly between work and home.

It’s exhausting commuting from Brighton to London every day.

journey is traveling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle.

I love going on long journeys.

To journey (verb – usually used with adverb or preposition) = to travel somewhere.

We journeyed south.

At the airport

Show me your passport, please!

l’m here on business / vacation

l’m traveling alone / with my family

Customs is the place at a port, airport or border where travellers’ bags are looked at to find out if any goods are being carried illegally

Customs officer is a person whose job is to look inside travellers’ bags to make certain they are not taking goods into a country without paying taxes

Anything to declare?

No, there’s nothing to declare / Nothing to declare

You’ve got a lot of baggage! Why don’t you use the baggage cart

How much is a one-way ticket (British usually single) to New York?

If you make a round trip, you go on a journey and return to where you started from.

A journey in an aircraft is a flight. Flight also means an aircraft that is making a particular journey

I’ll never forget my first flight.
Flight 474 to Buenos Aires is now boarding at gate 9

First class / Business class / Economy class

What time does the plane for…. take off / land?

Check-in is the place at an airport where you show your ticket so that you can be told where you will be sitting.

A representative from the tour company will meet you at the check-in.

At the train station

How much is a ticket to…?

Direct / transfer train

Is there a reduced fare for children / large families?

Where is the station?

Where can we buy tickets?

What time will the train to…leave?

Where is platform number …?

By ship / boat

ferry (boat) is a boat or ship for taking passengers and often vehicles across an area of water, especially as a regular service.

We’re going across to France by/on the ferry.

cruise is a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several places

By bus / coach

Where is the the bus station, please?

When does the bus leave for…?

How many stops before…?

A bus with/without air-conditioner

By car

Where is the parking lot, please?

Where can I park my car?

Can I park my car here?

Where can I rent a car?

I would like to rent a car for…. days / weeks.

The car costs £30 a day to rent, but you get unlimited mileage (= no charge for the miles traveled)

car breakdown

I had a breakdown (= my car stopped working) in the middle of the road

garage is a place where cars are repaired.

The car’s still at the garage getting fixed.
Where can I find a garage to repair my car?


I’ll need to take out extra car insurance for another driver.