Things are made out of different materials

For example, this table is made of wood (we can also say, ‘This table is made out of wood’.)

What materials are each of the following things made of?

metal, plastic, brick, wood, paper, denim, china, rubber, wool, stone, iron, steel, cotton, glass, leather

  1. pullovers
  2. mirrors
  3. books
  4. underwear
  5. jeans
  6. The Pyramids
  7. shoes
  8. coins
  9. houses
  10. cheap rulers
  11. doors
  12. The Eiffel Tower
  13. cutlery
  14. crockery
  15. car tyres
  16. cups
  17. bottles
  18. magazines
  19. watches
  20. luggage
  21. windows
  22. envelopes
  23. cameras
  24. jackets
  25. mugs
  26. disposable cutlery

Name three things made of metal, three things made of glass, three things made of wood and three things made of stone.