How do you divide household chores at home? Are there some chores that you hate doing? Are there any chores that you enjoy?

What responsibilities do you have at home?


What are the jobs of the people below? What are the responsibilities of each of them?

Would you prefer some of these jobs over others? Why?

Set 1

Set 2

Leaving a job.

There are various ways of leaving a job. You can be sacked, made redundant, resign or retire. Put each of the verbs in bold in the correct gaps below:

  1. Because of the economic crisis 50 workers were _______________ in order to ensure the survival of the company.
  2. She was bored with her job and so decided to __________ so that she could move on to a more interesting one.
  3. He was ______ for stealing and he’s finding it difficult to get another job.
  4. Jill was approaching her 65th birthday and was due to ________ but wasn’t sure how she was going to fill her days after leaving work.

Working conditions

What is the difference between the following:

  • to work shifts
  • to work long hours
  • to work overtime
  • to work part-time
  • to work full-time
  • to work flexitime

Describe jobs in your company or in your work history using the following vocabulary:

telephone computer artistic organisational language
Personal qualities
patient confident intelligent brave well-educated talented
creative strong hard-working polite cheerful fit
Adjectives for jobs
well-paid responsible satisfying challenging
badly-paid tiring unpleasant monotonous