A job interview is a formal conversation in which you are aiming to sell yourself. You need to be able to talk about:

  1. Your qualifications and experience;
  2. Your skills and abilities;
  3. Your achievements;
  4. Hypothetical situations (e.g. “What would you do if you were offered this job?”);
  5. Your expectations regarding money, bonuses and other perks;
  6. Terms, contracts, holiday entitlement etc. (i.e. employment specific vocabulary);
  7. To do 1-6 using an appropriate degree of formality and professionalism and being friendly at the same time.

Tell me about your last job interview.

What was the job?

What questions were asked?

Which was the most difficult question to answer?

Were you successful? (If not, did you receive any feedback.)

Vocabulary to describe yourself:

hard-working, enthusiastic, intelligent, organised, dedicated, loyal, energetic, a good team player, a good leader, skilled, well-presented/smart, punctual, keen, goal oriented, results driven, determined.

Vocabulary to describe duties and responsibilities:

to manage, to lead, to train, to play a (significant/important) role/part in something, to budget, to deliver (projects/reports), to analyse, to promote [a product, a person], to market, to advise, to consult, to supply, to produce, to develop

Vocabulary regarding terms & conditions etc.

Full time, part time, flexitime, flexible hours, temporary, permanent, zero hours, salary expectations, perks, healthcare, health cover, health insurance, maternity leave, holiday entitlement, to work one’s notice, to give notice, probationary period, trial run, internship, promotion, sick leave

Write four sentences about what you intend to do in the future:

Over the next five years I plan to…..

I intend to…..

I’m going to try……

I would like to…..

I am looking forward to…..

If possible, I’d also like to….

I hope to be…..