Asking and answering questions

There are several different ways of asking questions in English. If we are asking for information we usually use one of the question words below.

“What” – questions asking for a thing or a fact.

What questions and answers
What is the time? It is four o’clock.
What do you do? I am a teacher.
What is the weather like? It is sunny.
What is her name? Her name is Julie.

“Where” – questions asking for a place.

Where questions and answers.
Where do you come from?

Where are you from?

I come from Argentina.

I am from Argentina.

Where is the fire exit? The fire exit is next to the toilets.
Where is the toilet?

Where are the toilets?

It is on the left next to the entrance.

They are on the left next to the entrance.

Where can I go to eat?

Where should I go to eat?

You can go to the cafe on the corner.

You should go to the very good restaraunt in the next street.

“When” – questions asking for a time, day or date.

When questions and answers.
When does the train for Paris leave?

When is the train for Paris leaving?

It leaves at 12 o’clock.

The train for Paris goes at 12.

When did you get here?

When did you arrive?

I got here in the morning.

We arrived on Tuesday.

When is lunch?

When are we having lunch?

Lunch is at one o’clock.

We will be having lunch at one.

When are you going on holiday? I am going on holiday in the summer.

“Why” – questions asking for a reason.

Why questions and answers.
Why are you studying English? I am studying English for work.
Why did you buy that terrible shirt? I bought this shirt because I liked the pattern.
Why do you never answer your phone? I don’t answer my phone because I am busy.
Why are you cold? I am cold because I forgot my sweater.

“How” & “How much/many” – questions asking for a way to do something or for a number or amount. 

How questions and answers.
How old are you? I am twenty-seven years old.
How do you get to the train station? You follow the signs.

You go down this street and turn left at the end.

How can I lose weight? To lose weight you need to go on a diet and do more exercise.
How should I study English? You should study a little every day.
How much/how many questions and answers.
How many children do you have? I have three children.
How much does this cost? It costs £10.
How many times have you visited Rome? I have visited Rome three times.
How much time do we have until the train leaves? We have ten minutes until the train leaves.

“Who” questions – questions asking for a person.

Who questions and answers.
Who is that man with a beard? He/it/that is Mike.
Who was the first man on the Moon? It was Neil Armstrong.
Who are you? I am Jonathan.
Who invaded England in 1066? The French.

Put the words into the correct order to make questions.

Make sure you use capital letters and punctuation correctly.