A story

Listening & Spelling

Listen to the story and note down the words that are missing.

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived in Rome. They were both clever, fun and interesting young men who were going to do great things as adults. For the moment, though, they were enjoying being young.
One thing that they could never [1] [2], [3] all else, was how to spell the words “[4], [5], [6] and [7]“. They stayed [8] during classes and when they were being [9][10] spellings and tried to [11] their spelling skills by [12] each other they paid attention, but it was all a bit of a [13] at times. The [14] spellings were [15] but things like [16] letters, the difference between [17] that you make bread with and [18] that grow in the ground and silent letters in [19] and [20] made things tricky at times. English spelling was all very [21] at times and Michelangelo wished he could win an [22] or some kind of [23] and win a [24] against his brother or at least get [25] scores in spelling tests. He would [26]for a long time if he had the [27][28] of winning a best speller [29]. It would be a [30] victory. He [31]how it could be done.

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