Who we are

We are two qualified and experienced English teachers who teach in the classroom and also offer classes online. We like to help students learn English and to make progress towards their goals. Different students want to work towards different goals: some want to improve their work situation, to travel, to study or to live in an English speaking country.

Whatever your reasons for learning English, we can help you to reach your goals.

I have been involved in education for ten years. I have taught English in the UK and in Spain with various organisations, including educational charities, colleges, language schools and at university. In addition to teaching English I have taught computer programming, study skills and gardening.

Online teaching has given me the opportunity to help students in over twenty-five different countries and all continents except for Antarctica. It is a privilege to have the chance to meet and teach so many people in the comfort of their own homes.

In my spare time I go running (having completed 5 full marathons and about 30 halves), swimming and hiking in the mountains. I also write and perform poetry.

I know how hard it can be to learn English as I have done it myself. However, I also know how rewarding each stage can be having progressed from a basic level of English to a proficient level.

I have a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL which I gained from a UK university. I have taught in the UK for many years at universities in the Midlands and have experience in different settings with students from many varied backgrounds.

I enjoy being part of each student’s journey towards their learning and life goals

and adjust my teaching style and materials to each individual student.